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1. This product is completely water soluble with high activity and produced through chemical crystallization and it is whole molecular chelated. 2. The product has a very high performance-to-price ratio. It is one of the top quality products in the water soluble fertilizer industry in China, posing a direct challenge to the imported water-soluble fertilizer products. 3. The water soluble fertilizer raw materials of Xinlong Chemical are completely produced by the company itself. 4. No hormone is added in the products, so it is safe for use. 5. Xinlong’s water soluble fertilizers are covering all current agricultural fertilization methods.
Universal series:
15-15-15 45%----Chloride basis, sulfur basis, potassium dihydrogen phosphate series20-20-20 60%----Chloride basis, sulfur basis, potassium dihydrogen phosphate series
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